Contingency recruiting is a type of hiring practice in which outside companies screen and evaluate the best candidates for a certain position. This type of contingency recruiting may be done by a firm of one or two persons only, or it may be performed by large firms with many employees analyzing prospective candidates for jobs.

To meet the Company’s evolving business requirements, Contingency staffing offers just- in – time recruitment solutions. Sanguine Invests the time up front effectively to recruit for contingency positions and establishes a level of shared trust and client knowledge beneficial to both present and future staffing engagements.

We are dedicated to managing each candidate’s fit and performance throughout the entire period. In addition, should requirements change, we are flexible to adapt to new timelines, staffing models or further support options.

Furthermore, our contingency hiring model allows companies to reduce fixed costs and be more competitive. Contingency Hiring is an excellent option for deployments, projects, short-term leaves or seasonal service demands.


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