o Review the Job Specification and Position Description before going for the interview

o Learn more about the company by visiting their URL.

o Review your résumé and be prepared to discuss your relevant skills

o Anticipate questions you might be asked, then prepare answers to these questions;

o Bring extra copies of your résumé and a notebook.

o Dressing well can increase your confidence as well as boosting your professional image.

o Arrive on time or little early

o Ensure you portray a good body language(Handshake, Posture, Smile and Eye-Contact)

o Once you understand what the company is looking for and what the ideal candidate would    look like, you can reframe your experiences to meet those expectations.

o Listen carefully to questions and answer them clearly and concisely.

o Use the STAR method to guide your answers. This simple formula ensures that you accurately describe your experiences and highlight the results they provided. The STAR method includes,

o S: The Situation – describe it

o T: The Task or problem – what dilemma or problem did you face?

o A: The Action – what action did you take?

o R: The Result – what was the result of your action

Convey interest in the organization and knowledge of the position

o Be yourself. Maintain an appropriate level of professionalism without being unapproachable.

o Portray that you are in for a career and not a job

o Be enthusiastic, confident, courteous, and honest

o Ask appropriate questions about the job or company for clarifications

o Don’t be afraid to say that you don’t know something.

o Don’t be hesitant to ask the interviewer to repeat any question if you don’t understand.

o Do not reveal your salary expectations on a phone interview.

o Always be ready to talk salary, but don’t be the first one to bring it up

o Know what you’re willing to accept before you walk in the door.

o End the interview with a firm handshake and thank the interview panel for their time and    consideration

o Be diligent and keep checking in.



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